Xaphan revolted against God and plotted to set fire to Paradise but before he could carry out his plan he was cast out of Heaven and imprisoned in Hell.

After he joined the ranks of Hell's Infernal Demons, Xaphan transformed from a once beautiful Angel into the revenge fuelled, sex crazed Beast he had always truly been.

Deprived of the loose wet holes he'd always dreamt about, now he fucks what he wants, when he wants. A Fallen Angel pumping venomous demon cum deep into wrecked cunts.


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Scaly Reptile Dildo

Did someone say Scaly Boy?

This is our most detailed dildo to date. Xaphan is covered in scales, ribs, veins and bulges to make sure you feel every last inch of his Beast cock inside you.

He starts with a smooth tapered head that moves down onto his scale covered shaft. This reptile dildo starts to bulge out with two huge muscles covered in veins that will make your hole stretch, and once you've maxed out on his width, you can have a short rest. 

His dynamic cock shape means you'll be stretching and relaxing the whole time you're bouncing on him and we haven't even mentioned those thick ribs running up the underside of his reptile cock.

This toy is sensation OVERLOAD