Experience the deepest circle of Hell

Likes: The smell of cock, arrogant tops, walkies

Dislikes: Wasted loads, other bottoms, the vacuum cleaner

The infamous demon fuckslut of the infernal realm. His hole was made to torment every cock that gets pushed into it. Unrepentant tops that are cast into Hell are sentenced to be edged by his wet hole for what feels like an eternity; he's yet to find a top that can make him break a sweat.


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You will never fuck another hole like Naberus.

We've used an even softer silicone than normal for Naberus as he's made for ramming your dick into. Lube him up and feel his slutty fuckhole stretch around your cock as you slam into it. His big fat ass will cushion you as you pound him and oh yea, that tail? It'll stay upright the whole time, wagging back and forth as he edges you over and over and over.

Weighing in at just over 2kg (4.4lbs), he's not a small boy. His weight means you can set him on a flat surface and fuck his ass until you can't hold it any longer.

We recommend using water based lube with this dog fleshlight.

Do not store anything on top of Naberus' tail or store him tail down as this may permanently change how his tail sits.